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Collection: Ben Buckler

Ben Buckler Boards is Australia’s leading retailer of electric bikes, skateboards and lifestyle products. We do all the hard work in curating, transporting and testing the world's best gear. All you have to do is show up or jump online.

Ben Buckler Boards started in 2011, with a desire to improve the status quo for beach lovers. We started with our beautiful, easy to ride paddle boards, which empowered people to get in the water. Following early success, our paddleboards evolved into surfboard-inspired designs that balanced weight, manoeuvrability and strength. 

Based in bustling Sydney, the team quickly recognised the growing need for personal transport to combat troublesome traffic and parking issues, and soon expanded our product range to include new electric skateboards and bikes. 

We’ve been among the first in Australia to introduce electric skateboard brands like Evolve, Boosted and Riptide, and combined with years of personal experience, our team are Australia’s go-to experts in electric skateboards.