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RFN SX-E 500

RFN SX-E 500

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ūüö® COMING SOON LATE 2024! ‚ö°ÔłŹ


Introducing the¬†RFN WARRIOR KIDS SX-E500 Electric Motorbike¬†‚Äď Where Adventure Meets Innovation!

Prepare to ignite your child's sense of adventure with the RFN WARRIOR KIDS SX-E500 Electric Motorbike. Crafted with precision engineering and top-tier features, this bike is designed to provide your young rider with a thrilling and safe introduction to the world of electric mobility.

High-Powered Performance:
Equipped with a robust 36V 500W Brushless motor, the WARRIOR KIDS SX-E500 is no ordinary kids bike. Its advanced Sine wave controller features state-of-the-art motor algorithms, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride, even for beginners.

Swappable Lithium Power:
The removable 36V 7.5AH lithium battery is not only high-powered but also easily swappable, allowing your child to extend the adventure with a spare battery. Keep the fun going without long charging breaks.

Extended Adventures:
With a run time of up to 1hr 15 minutes (on lowest speed modes) on a single charge, your child can enjoy extended playtime before recharging.

All-Terrain Dominance:
With 14x2.4" all-terrain tyres, the WARRIOR conquers various surfaces with ease, from smooth pavements to rugged trails. Let your young explorer roam freely, discovering new horizons.

Built to Last:
The WARRIOR SX-E500 boasts a tough and rugged steel frame that combines durability with a unique and clean looking design. It can handle the bumps and tumbles that come with learning to ride.

Three-Speed Thrills:
The bike features three-speed modes for all skill levels, including Eco (15 km/h), Low (25 km/h), and Sport (35 km/h), allowing riders of various skill levels to choose their preferred pace.

Performance Dual Suspension:
Say goodbye to rough rides. The dual suspension system ensures a comfortable and stable journey, absorbing shocks and bumps along the way.

Reliable Braking:
Safety comes first with hydraulic disc brakes, providing dependable stopping power, giving parents peace of mind.

The WARRIOR KIDS SX-E500 Electric Bike is not just a ride, it's an adventure waiting to happen. Get your young explorer on the path to electric mobility, learning balance, control, and having a blast while doing it!


  • SX-E250 Range¬†Up to¬†18km
  • SX-E500¬†Range¬†Up to 25km
  • SX-E250¬†Top Speed¬†25km/h
  • SX-E500¬†Top Speed¬†35km/h


  • SX-E250¬†36V / 187Wh, 5.2AH Lithium
  • SX-E500¬†36V / 270Wh, 7.5AH Lithium


  • SX-E250¬†ECO 8km/h / MID 12/kmh & SPORT 25km/h
  • SX-E500¬†ECO 15km/h / MID 25/kmh & SPORT 35km/h


  • Display¬†3 Level¬†Battery Level Indicator Light
  • Power¬†On/Off with 3 Speed Modes and Safety Cut Off Lanyard Switch
  • Warranty¬†1¬†Year


  • SX-E250¬†Mechanical¬†with 140mm Disc
  • SX-E500¬†Hydraulic with 140mm Disc


  • 2-3h with Standard Charger


  • Sine wave, Best-in-class power density and state-of-the-art motor control algorithms.


  • Electric Motor¬†Brushless¬†Chain Drive
  • SX-E250 Power¬†250W with 400W Peak Output
  • SX-E500¬†Power¬†500W with 700W Peak Output


    • Frame¬†Steel
    • Handlebars¬†Aluminium
    • Foot Pegs¬†Steel


    • Front¬†Spring¬†Fork
    • Rear SX-E250¬†Rear Spring Shock Absorber
    • Rear SX-E500¬†Rear Adjustable Damping Shock Absorber


    • SX-E250¬†12x2.4" All Terrain Tyres with Plastic Wheels
    • SX-E500¬†14x2.4"¬†All Terrain Tyres with Magnesium Alloy¬†Wheels


    • SX-E250¬†Seat Height¬†460mm
    • SX-E500 Seat Height¬†490mm¬†
    • SX-E250¬†Overall¬†978x578x654mm
    • SX-E500 Overall¬†1044x578x676mm


    • SX-E250¬†N.W/G.W¬†18/21kg
    • SX-E500 N.W/G.W¬†20/24kg
    • Max Loading¬†50 kg
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