• Mission Statement

    Momentum Moto was founded with movement in mind. We strive to offer unique, quality, affordable transport that stirs the spirit and reawakens the joy of simply getting from A to B.

  • Brand Values

    Be it Electric or combustion. Efficiency and affordability are always at the forefront of our mind. We offer a hand-picked range of vehicles that are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but durable and practical.

  • Sustainability Philosophy

    Through our electric offerings we are playing our part to help achieve a greener cleaner future. Given our combustion models all meet Euro 5 specifications, we are continually focused on cutting overall fuel consumption and cutting day to day congestion.

  • Community Engagement

    With over two decades in the motor industry, our parent company has always been involved in numerous charities and community assistance programs. Momentum is no different. We look forward to putting down our roots and doing our best to better our community and the people and groups within it.

  • Founder Story

    Momentum’s parent company has had a long history in the transport industry. We look forward to bringing our wealth of passion and experience to the Momentum Brand. We have always pushed the boundaries of innovation and offering streamlined delivery solutions for our customers. 

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