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DiroDi ClassX Electric Bike ( GEN 3 )

DiroDi ClassX Electric Bike ( GEN 3 )

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ClassX 3rd Generation: Feel Classic, Ride High-tech!

DiroDi ClassX is a popular e-bike known for its timeless stylish design, comfort and functionality. And now the new generation of ClassX is an upgraded version of it coming up with even more amazing features.

The ClassX Gen3 has increased its torque by 25% and gear ratio has been enhanced by 15% making it greatly easier to ride uphill.

Also, the front and rear lights are now integrated connecting directly with the electrical system, ready to take you to the darkest places. Besides, the front basket joint on this bike simply takes your carriage weight off the front wheel and helps in better handling of the bike.

And the most important of all, just like the new generation Rover, the Start-aid Throttle system on this electric bike allows you to get a powerful start without pedalling!


A “Take-Me-Home” Removable Battery!

The Premium Battery in ClassX Gen3 is the perfect choice for your commute. It’s a 375 WH battery which gives you a maximum range of 60km.

It’s also removable so you can keep it safe from theft or bad weather, carry it indoors for a handy recharge or even swap out your old batteries whenever you want! However with an efficient life span of 2 to 4 years, it is unlikely to have to replace the battery any time soon.

You can effectively get up to 1000 cycles of recharging with this battery. That means you can keep using your bike for a long time, and it’ll still be ready for another trip!

Classic Design: The X-Factor in ClassX !

We all know: It is good to look good! Still, if you’re asking how a Modern mechanism and a stylish classic look can come together in a bike, we’d say: ClassX Gen3 is the answer to this!

You can call it “The iconic classic looking bike for modern riders” .

Based on the feedback coming from most DiroDi experienced riders, one of the greatest joys of cruising on ClassX is giving a cool Dutch bike image of a frozen time yet running on a present-day efficient system. A pleasant paradox!

Twist Throttle: Your Powerful Start Aid

First of all, the new throttle system on ClassX gives you a great deal of power on the start!

Unlike the older version of throttles that were activated only on pedalling, this one runs on a twist to get the move started.

So, technically, it is a great starter especially when you need power such as the time when you’re starting a ride uphill.

And there’s more. This throttle can definitely take your off-road experience to a more limitless and exciting level. All you have to do is get off the road, unlock the speed and you’re good to go as fast as 25 km/h. And that’s when the adventure with ClassX begins!

Double-basket, Double-Fun!

A bike with two carriages is actually a blessing!  The ClassX Gen3 is definitely the bike for you if you need help getting around town while hauling your groceries and even a lot more!

With both Front and Rear Carriages, you can take both your pet and your bag along with you on the ride.

It’s for sure fun to carry as much stuff on your bike as you would put on your car seat. So whether you’re headed to the store or just running errands, this bike will keep you moving forward with ease!

Comfortable Saddle

We’ve all been there, even the most expensive bikes may come with the seat bringing about all kinds of pain and discomfort in long rides.

But we love creating comfort, and we’ve done it with most of DiroDi bikes- specifically ClassX. The saddle on ClassX- comes from a brand called JUSTREK. It’s one of the popular options out there, and it’s been getting a lot of praise from customers. Most riders love how comfortable the handlebar and saddle are together even when they’re riding for hours. And that’s one more upside of the design of ClassX putting it on the top of the list of ergonomic e-bikes.

ClassX Uses Long-lasting Tyres

A lot of e-bike riders don’t think about the tyres on their bikes—they just assume they’ll get good quality tyres as long as the bike itself looks well-built. But they’re wrong! Most of the time, you’ll get cheap, flimsy tyres that will wear out quickly, leaving you stranded and unable to ride your bike. So this is true: Bad tyres can ruin a good day.

That’s why DiroDi has used the popular Schwalbe Bigben puncture resistant tyres on ClassX. These tyres are puncture resistant and suited for long journeys. They’re made of soft rubber material that feels almost like a suspension on bumps. They’re designed to absorb shock so you can focus on what matters: getting where you need to go safely and comfortably! And believe it or not, despite the softness, they’re incredibly durable and guarantee a life span of 2000 to 3000 km! 

You’ll Never Lose Sight with These Lights!

A bike’s lights are an essential tool for getting around at night or any conditions in which you get a poor vision of the road.

Both lights in DiroDi ClassX e-bike are integrated and they use battery power directly. So you can ride worry-free as long as your battery has enough juice to run your bike and the lights. Also, you don’t need to supply lights separately, because they are already built in.

The front light is a powerful, bright LED that can be used to illuminate the path ahead of you. And the rear light flashes bright red to help you be seen from behind, as well as to keep you safe when you’re riding in traffic or on the road at night.

Integrated Wheel Lock- Safety First

The wheel lock system on ClassX is the perfect balance between safety and convenience. It is integrated which means even if you get off your bike hurriedly, you can still secure your bike and lock it in less than a few seconds.

So if you’re the kind of rider who keeps getting on and off the bike making short stops here and there, the wheel lock on ClassX gives you the flexibility to lock up anywhere, anytime. And you’ll always have the peace of mind knowing that your bike is safe.

Tektro Brake System

When it comes to moving around- no matter what vehicle you’re using- at some point the brake system is the most important. Especially, if you’re riding in city streets, there’s no chance of getting away with a brake failure.

But if you’re choosing ClassX as your ride, you can simply take your mind of this issue. The powerful Tektro brake on this bike will serve you with absolute high performance and great stopping power. Most importantly, there’s no need for complicated adjustment. You can adjust it easily without having to think too hard about it.

More Gears, More Choices

For years Shimano has proved to serve with the best gear system in the market and there’s no question about that. That’s why you can be certain that with a 7-speed Shimano derailleur on ClassX, you will get maximum choice for deciding on a proper gear. All you have to do is consider your speed, slope, etc.

Especially in ClassX Generation3, the gear ratio has increased %15 which has improved the hill climbing power a great deal. 

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