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Sur-Ron Light Bee X Black Edition 2022

Sur-Ron Light Bee X Black Edition 2022

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Sur-Ron Light Bee X Black Edition 2022

Sur-Ron Light Bee X is the quintessential electric dirt bike. Combining excellent performance with classic design, Sur-Ron Light Bee X is an agile and lightweight electric bike with high torque. Thanks to its ultra powerful mid-motor and FOC intelligent sine wave controller that uses multi-curve algorithm, Sur-Ron Light Bee X gives you the best control for riding in all terrains. Travelling as far as 100km and going as fast as 75 km/h, Sur-Ron Light Bee X is perfect for doing tricks and going on exciting adventures.


High Performance DNM Inverted Fork

  • Rebound damping, spring preload adjustment
  • Customized CNC clip for inner tube
  • Increased strength with optimized stiffness
  • Great shock absorption for off-road conditions
  • 203mm fork travel

Lightweight RST Anodized Black Fork

  • Adjustable rebound according to the terrain and riding style
  • Oil injection port available, easy to maintenance
  •  Anodized black surface treatment with PTFE coating
  •  Smoother fork travelling, more heat resistance and more corrosion resistance
  •  200mm fork travel

Lithium Battery

  • Sur-Ron uses 18650 lithium battery cells and is equipped with safe and efficient BMS
  • 4 temperature sensors and 485 communication protocols ensure high-power load capacity and maximize the life cycle of the battery pack
  • The whole battery pack weighs only 11KG
  • Quick assembly or disassembly in less than 10 seconds, the removable battery is easy to charge anytime and anywhere

Intelligent FOC Sine Wave Controller

  •  Independently designed and developed by Sur-Ron
  • Multi-curve compound algorithm program
  • Real-time monitoring of throttle turning angle, speed, motor torque and current intensit
  • Continuously analyzing your daily riding data to comply with your riding habits.

High Efficiency Mid-Motor

  • High Performance Brushless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
  • Designed and developed independently by SURRON
  • IP55 Protection level
  • Withstands temperatures up to 180 ° C
  •  Peak torque of 32 N.m”

* Custom-built titanium-gold four-piston brakes

* Special gold oil seal chain for more load capacity

* Thick and foam-filled saddle for optimized cushioning on rough terrains


Intersect TR Rear Suspension System

Sur-Ron has created an amazing multi-link rear suspension system for Light Bee X after thousands of tests on cross-country tracks and urban roads.
The appearance is well integrated with the overall structure, and the shock absorption performance is also adjusted according to the usage characteristics of electric dirt bikes, so that the tires can maintain the best grip continuously.

Excellent Sport Performance

The 19-inch professional off-road wheel set and the strong 5KW motor output in the sports mode makes it extremely easy to handle skills like jumping, wheelie, etc. on Sur-Ron Light Bee X.

Well matched EIC system

Besides getting continuous feedback from top electric dirt bike riders from all around the world, the EIC system developed by SURRON has gone through test riding trips in Sichuan and Tibet Province. The EIC system is set to adapt to challenging and harsh riding conditions.

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